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Hi. My name is Lynnette. I'm a rapper, singer, and songwriter from Atlanta, GA.


Most artists have tales of how they picked up a guitar at the age of 3 or how their parents signed them up for band during childhood. Not me. My story’s a little different.


At the age of 11, I fell in love with music. My parents...not so much. As much as my parents loved me, my musical endeavors were not at the top of their list during my childhood and teenage years. I don’t blame them one bit. Most times, the desire to be a musician is a phase that children go through when trying to find themselves. They thought that I would eventually grow out of it and pursue a “real” career. Quite the opposite happened. The older I became, the more music seeped into my soul and I wanted to do nothing more.


Sometimes I wish that the Lord would’ve put different desires in me. The desire to be a doctor or a lawyer - a career choice that would make my family proud. I've attempted to pursue similar career paths over the years with little success. I discovered that it's nearly impossible to be something you're not. Trust me. I’ve tried.


Upon realizing that my musical inclinations were here to stay, I enrolled myself in vocal lessons as I entered into my young adult years. This was the toughest phase of my musical journey thus far. Imagine wanting to be vocalist, but not having any formal training. Although I became very discouraged at times, I stuck with my lessons and practiced daily. My persistence has paid off. Over the past 3 years, I've progressed immensely vocally. My progress is due largely in part to my phenomenal and encouraging vocal coach Lewis Raye - to whom I will be forever grateful.

I'm just getting started and my best years are yet to come. I know the road ahead of me is long, but I’m ready to walk it. I’d love for you to keep me company.

"You can make it with the odds
stacked against you."

                                                             - Lynnette

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