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Being an independent artist in 2021 definitely has its perks. Complete creative control and content ownership are two things that drew me to this pathway. However, independence does have its challenging aspects - with operational costs being the leading of them.


As an independent artist, I don’t have access to the funds that would be supplied by a record label if I was a signed artist. Therefore, I have to be nifty in budgeting and bring my visions to life on a smaller scale. 


Recording studio time, beat production, mixing/mastering, videography, marketing, and graphic design are just a few of the expenses I incur weekly as an independent artist. 


If you enjoy my music, and would like to help me continue making quality content, please consider donating to my music fund. Your donation will help offset some of my operational costs and enable me to continue making quality content. A donation of any amount is greatly appreciated!


With gratitude,



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